Wine Tour - Tasting of 5 wines

Price start from 18.00

Venetsanos winery is located right above the port of Athinios, overlooking the magnificent caldera of Santorini. The Venetsanos family has a very long tradition in producing wine. Originally was produced for the island and subsequently it was exported extensively, and particularly to countries such as Russia. It was built in 1947 by Venetsanos family and became the first industrial winery on the island. Its most distinguished feature is the structural design, which essentially used gravity, facilitating energy efficiency, at a time when access to electricity and other energy sources was very limited. The winery was built in an unconventional manner constructed from above and moving downwards.

The Venetsanos winery, that can now be visited, is the culmination of this rich family tradition with the recently revamped buildings. The exceptional architectural structure is combined with the history of one of the most important wine producers in the Aegean. The winery is located in the most breathtaking location offering incredible vistas over the caldera and volcanic islands.

The winery today offers you the chance to walk through and discover the history and tradition as well as the new wine making techniques. You are able to take a detailed tour of the winery from our expert staff while also tasting some of our exceptional wines.

Food & Wine Pairing Menu:

  1. Santorini 2016 - Dry White Wine - Assyrtiko Variety

  2. Nykteri 2016 – Dry White Wine – Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani Variety

  3. Anagallis 2016 - Semi Dry Rose Wine - Mandilaria - Aidani - Assyrtiko Variety

  4. Mandilaria 2016 - Dry Red Wine - Mandilaria Variety

  5. Vinsanto 2013 - Naturally Sweet Dessert Wine from Sundried Grapes

Served with Graviere Cheese, Salami sticks, Santorinian Tomato paste , Olives and barley Rusks.